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We are always keen to ensure our clients are provided with a range of options which will keep energy supply costs to a minimum and also reduce the hassle associated with negotiating multiple contracts.

A common trend for multi-site businesses is that that they will often have a number of Energy suppliers in place with various contract end dates to manage as well. Naturally this makes contract negotiation extremely time-consuming for the client and in many cases leads to further expenditure which could be avoided.

Our range of services include:

  • Co-Terminus Contracts – Multiple gas and electricity meter contracts? We can offer one supplier, one common contract end date, let Focus Energy reduce the heavy administration often associated with such tenders.
  • Fixed Pricing – We can ensure that the group pricing on offer is fully fixed for your business and stays fixed for the longevity of the agreed contract term.
  • Flexible Energy Tenders – The Energy market is constantly changing and wholesale pricing can change throughout the day on a daily basis making it extremely difficult for clients to understand when to negotiate their contracts. Using flexible Energy purchasing options, we can help our clients to purchase their Energy services and make the most of any potential cost-reductions in the wholesale market.
  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Smart Meter Deployment – Collecting meter reads across a number of sites can be extremely time-consuming. Focus Energy can include the option of a full Smart Metering roll-out/AMR Service deployment for your business which can be incorporated into the tendering process.

For more information on our solutions please contact us on 0330 024 2006 or email